Touch and feel books are great at inspiring conversation and building comprehension with developing brains.

You may have noticed that most touch and feel books out there are about barnyard animals. We're not sure why (and yea cows are cool) but sports unite us and bring a ton of mental, emotional, and social benefits!

You Can Play Sports is the first and only touch & feel book that uses materials from eight popular sports balls to create a fun and interactive early learning experience.

Interactive Reading

Touch eight different materials throughout the book to keep senses engaged

Learn About Sports

Encourage early excitement and participation in athletics

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Pay For College (Maybe)

Get your kid on the path to a full-ride scholarship to your favorite university ;)   

What's inside?

You Can Play Sports features eight popular youth sports - each with a modern illustration, a diverse cast of characters, a fun rhyme that teaches key sports terminology, and (of course!) a ball on each page that's made from material that looks and feels like the real thing.

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Created by Parents and Athletes

We're an independent company focused on children's books, activities, and toys that develop and encourage sports literacy and understanding. We are located outside of beautiful Boulder, Colorado and believe that all kids should have the opportunity to play sports.

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"I remember a children’s book I had growing up that had great illustrations and I always just wanted to live in that world. I hope these little worlds will have the same effect on kids!"

— Brandon Minch (Illustrator)